During my semester studying aboard in Wuppertal, Germany, I received the chance to work on a project sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile. The project explored the concept of the future of mobile payment: to create a user-centered experience that is not only beautiful but also enjoyable to use. This was my first experience working on a non-traditional Industrial Design concept. We identified 7 exploration categories: grocery, peer-peer, gifting, coupons/vouchers, and loyalties. We spent a lot of time doing user research and concept generation together as a class as well as in smaller groups. We examined entire ecosystems with multiple touch points instead of isolated products. Unlike most of my peers, who eventually went for the more traditional industrial design solution routes, I focused on service design solutions. I chose to tackle the retail industry that is shifting towards an omni-channel business strategy.

The process includes usability studies, research analysis, simulations/role play, user flows, wireframes, high-fidelity interfaces, storyboards. 




Exploration: Research & Ideation


Final Direction