A mixed reality service that brings remote families closer through serendipitous moments. It enables communication without requiring active and focused participation. In fact, the moment may also serve as a reminder that it's time for a more active connection.


Roll: exploratory research, generative research, evaluative research, concept development, visual design, concept video

Team: Bori Lee, Chirag Murthy, Willow Hong

Link: Process Blog

Microsoft Brief: Design a product, service or solution that demonstrates the value and differentiation of Mixed Reality. Your creation should demonstrate the best qualities of a Mixed Reality experience which takes into consideration the environment, objects and people that will be participating in your solution.

IxD Studio II, Professor Peter Scupelli & Bruce Hanington
Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2017



Current Communication Services


Remote family bonding that is complicated and difficult. A lot of the everyday, mundane things family members do together are not supported well by current communication tools. After plotting these current communication methods on a 2X2, we discovered a void in the upper right corner of the matrix for passive, experience-centric methods. Therefore, Kioku aims to deliver a passive and experience-centric communication method that connects remote families in a mixed reality world.



How It Works


Kioku embraces mixed reality as a new communication interface. We noticed that when information are presented in current devices, the devices themselves rarely have any relationship with the content of the information. Kioku on the other hand uses the physical environment as the communication platform and present augmented information in a context that relates to both the sender and the receiver. 


Kioku leverages current machine learning technologies for context recognition. After a family member captures a moment, Kioku will analyze it and generate a set of categorical tags that defines the context of the situation. When another family member uses Kioku elsewhere, the system will constantly scan the physical environment and detect if any stored tag combination matches. If there is a match, the related moment will be retrieved from the cloud and ready to be experienced.



Detail Interaction Map

Throughout the semester, we met and listened to many families living away from each other. Being remote from our own families and considering how nomadic the current era is, we hope that our design would ease the burden and fatigue of current communication as well as enable families to feel closer to each other through the magic of mixed reality.
— Team Kioku