Dashboard Redesign


Smart Customer Mobile, by Smart Utility Systems, is a mobile and web platform that provides self service capabilities to utility customers as well as allows communication between these said customers and their utility companies. 

Smart Utility Systems is a provider of SaaS solutions for the Energy and Utility sector. 

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Brief: We began to plan for a complete redesign of the design language for the platform while working on an intermediate version that would help customers better transition into the complete redesign. The dashboard was selected as the first area to be explored. I was task with redesigning the said dashboard. I worked on different rounds of iteration monthly, across the span of five months. The design goals for each round of iteration varied as we explored different possibilities. 



Original Dashboard


The original dashboard was a collage of modules utility companies (admin-end) can choose to include for their customers (user-end). There were no customizability on the user-end. It was a glorified menu that did not display any additional information. 



Redesign Iteration 1


The first stab at the new dashboard design was focused on creating an intermediate version that could bridge between the current design and the upcoming complete redesign. I aimed to use some of the current design language but altering the information that is displayed. So instead of being a point of navigation, the dashboard actually displays current, relevant information, such as when upcoming bills are due. 



Redesign Iteration 2


In this iteration, I broke away from the module layout style. Instead, it resembles fitness tracking apps’ dashboard. There is an added layer of hierarchy and less visual clutter. An option for in app ads is also included.



Redesign Iteration 3


The concept of user customizability was introduced during this iteration. This allowed users to add whatever them deem as important, and in any desirable order, to the dashboard.  



Redesign Iteration 4


This around of ideation was inspired by the redesign of another Smart Utility System’s platform, Smart Mobile Workforce. The individual modules are kept with the addition of a reminders sections that calls attention to important notifications.



Redesign Iteration 5


The concepts from the previous iteration was further explored during this one. I created separate section just for the reminders. Thus, the concept of pre-dashboard was born. When  users open the app, the first thing they see are the top three most emergent notifications displayed on three different screens they can swipe through. If something catches their attention, they can choose to by-pass all other screens and navigate directly to the related one. The actual dashboard would come after these three screens.


The design language of the pre-dashboards were so well received that I was given the additional task of extending that design to the inner screens. These screens are contenders for the actual complete redesign of the entire platform.