Smart Mobile Workforce, by Smart Utility Systems, is a mobile and web platform that provides job safety and asset related real time information to utility workforces on their mobile devices. 

Smart Utility Systems is a provider of SaaS solutions for the Energy and Utility sector. 

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Brief: There were many major usability problems with both the mobile and web within this platform; therefore, the project involved a complete design overhaul for both usability as well as visual language. While we worked to fix major usability problems within the current design, we were also working on the redesign of the entire system. Our team, which consists of a project manager and two designers, began the process with the mobile app. 



Original Mobile App Design


One of the major usability issue was sizing/spacing of content. Utility workers on the job would most likely operate their tablets with thick gloves, which makes detail selection very difficult. There were also too much nesting of information that made it hard for users to be able to quickly/efficiently find what they’re looking for. Within the plethora of different reporting forms, there were some illogical linkage of information.  



New Mobile App Design 

SMW new-03.png